Sesame is one of the first plants used by man. Today it is widely used both for its vegetable oil and as a seed in many delicacies and pastries. Husked sesame derives from the seeds of the plant Sesamum Indicum.

Sesame of moderate to small grain, with all the quality features (colour, taste, odor) is ideal for any use. Because of its small size, it can be used as a topping giving a thick texture on the surface. It sticks on the surface of the dough with minimum losses.

It is washed and dried in a natural way, without any chemicals, without being subject to thermal shock during processing and with a moisture content strictly not exceeding 5%. It contains a significant amount of sesame oil which gives a rosy surface, highlighting its aroma and distinctive taste.

You should be extra careful when using it, since you should only use as much sesame as you need each time. If some wet sesame is left over, you should just throw it away!

Indian Sesame of 99,9% purity

Organoleptic Characteristics:
Light brown (beige) colour. Typical taste and odor.

Purity 99,98 to 99,99 %
Presence of foreign matter max 0,1%
Moisture Max 5%
Oil content min 48%

Ideal as a topping for bakery products, cookies and biscuits. It enhances the flavor in all types of pie and tart dough (kourou, salty and sweet tarts), florentines, nougats, tahini, halva. Roasted sesame is used as a pastry decoration and as stuffing in some desserts.

Net weight: carton or jute sacks of 25 kg.