A worthy partner
The company was founded in 1994 having as one of its main activities that of the shipping brokerage. Since then we have been providing high quality services to ship owners, managers and brokers. Our long presence in the field of international shipping market as well as the personal relationships we develop with our customers are our main characteristics, that set us apart from the competition and guarantee the quality of our services.

Experience and skills... the pledges
Our 20-year presence in the field has provided us with a deep experience in managing all types of cargoes either bulk or packed in bags (Bagged) as well as general cargoes and project cargos. The area we operate is the Mediterranean, the Black Sea, northern Europe and the Baltic. The specialized team of brokers of Niavigrains SA can achieve the most competitive freight rates for 1.000 to 30.000 tons of cargo or ship and face any possible challenge.

A continued commitment
We pledge to continue our efforts to provide specialized services of high quality and we hope you will be our next reliable partner.


At the same time Niavigrains SA uses its equally strong experience in grain trading brokerage (specifically wheat, barley, maize, soybean meal) and works with the largest grain trading companies in Europe.

CEO Panos Niavis has more than 30 years of significant experience in both shipping and trading brokerage. He started his career in KYDEP (Central Service Management of Domestic Production) and 10 years later he continued his successful career as a home broker of SITEX SA, a company which in the early 90's was one of the largest in its field in Greece.

In 1994, he founded Niavigrains LTD, which recently became a Limited Company, a company that entered dynamically the Bakery industry, through marketing flour, sesame, sugar, salt and other products of excellent quality and which is staffed with young, talented and highly qualified brokers.