Our company was founded in 1994 under the name "NIAVIGRAINS TRADING CHARTERING LTD'' and with the distinctive title NIAVIGRAINS, having as main business activities those of international shipping brokerage and grain trading brokerage (barley, wheat, maize and soybean meal).

Along the way a third service was added, the brokerage for exporting blasting material.

After continuous and uninterrupted work in the above fields, we decided to expand our business in the Bakery industry, through trading flour, sesame, sugar, salt and other products of excellent quality, always ensuring partnerships with the best quality companies in the field.

Our highly trained personnel consist of food technologists, who along with specialized sales management employees, are able to make suggestions, cover the needs and mostly give proper advice to our customers on how to best use our products and services.

We are constantly trying to best organize our network, from import to storage and distribution of our bakery products.

For this purpose, we constantly research the market so as to expand our product range and achieve even more competitive prices through our efficient distribution network.

Our main goal is to continue to offer our customers high quality services consistently and reliably. Be there before they even express their desires.

We are moving forward paving new roads...